Why Buy it, When You Can Make it?

Playdough Making with Bates Memorial Bible Study

The Steam Exchange launched the first of our monthly activities with the Bates Memorial Bible study which is lead by their fearless leader, Yalanda Carter! We had previously approached the Bible study class with potential projects to gauge group interest. Possible projects included papermaking, bookmaking, collage, screen printing, and last (but most popular) playdough making.

In this first installment, we swooped in, cooking class style, and helped the kids work in groups to measure, mix and knead play dough of the perfect consistency. The groups chose their own color for their playdough, and even traded portions of their playdough in order to have an array of colors! Each student left with a bag full of their very own and directions on how to recreate it. We wanted to show the kids that you can make the most wonderful, playful creations with items that you can find in your very own home. You can find the recipe we used at http://theimaginationtree.com



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