Youth Vision Committee Meeting: Stand-ins

On Saturday, August 23rd we gathered for our second Youth Vision Committee Meeting. During this meeting, we proposed to the youth creating a crowd of “stand-ins” painted on large wooden panels that could be used for events. Their enthusiasm for the project propelled us into an extra long meeting that day, where we designed, drew, and then began painting our own personal stand-ins. By the end of the day we had the beginnings of a mermaid, garden gnome, carrot, pickle, angel, and super hero. Each stand-in is wonderfully painted and reflects a wide age range of hard working young artists. 14 year old Naya painted a very realistic pickle which has since been given the background of a sky with clouds by 14 year old Jeff.

The stand-ins will be officially unveiled at KFTC’s Smoketown Getdown on Friday, September 19.

Youth-Meeting-Standins1  Youth-Meeting-standins3Youth-Meeting-standins5 Youth-Meeting-standins4


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