Smoketown Getdown 2014

The Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Smoketown Getdown on September 19, 2014 consisted of a 6-hour street fair that brought together nonprofit organizations, community groups and activists. From print making and storytelling to zumba and stage performaces, the gathering was a great way to kick off the fall in Smoketown.

The STEAM Exchange worked with community members and artist Patrick Rowe, one of the artist innovators brought to Louisville to participate on the Creative Innovation Zone as part of IDEAS 40203 and YouthBuild’s ArtPlace America grant. First, participants responded to a question or statement about Smoketown – the type of response was completely up to each individual. These pieces will be used as inspiration for future projects done by the STEAM Exchange. Next, each person got to choose a color of paper and ink, and screen printed their own poster as a souvenir. This will be an ongoing print project that will popup at the Louisville mini Maker Faire and Smoketown Poetry Opera in the coming weeks.

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