No Longer a Hot Dog Cart

Patrick Rowe, a visiting artist from New York City, worked with the Steam Exchange during the two weeks leading up to the Smoketown Poetry Opera. Patrick is a member of Mobile Print Power which is a cooperative mobile printmaking workshop and print collective based out of Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens. He was invited to Louisville by Ideas 40203 so that he could share his knowledge of community based art with the Smoketown neighborhood.

One of the projects that we worked on with Patrick, involved transforming a hot dog cart into a mobile screen printing unit, similar to the one he has in NYC. Although Mobile Print Power’s cart did not have its beginnings as a hot dog cart, we are excited to use the recognizable form to attract people to our mobile shop. We removed the grills, propane, sink, water tank, and refrigeration, and added a wooden panel with hinge clamps for screen printing. The new screen printing unit made its first appearance on Wednesday night at the Mobile Market! Thanks to Patrick’s guidance, the Steam team is now able to bring screen printing to the people.

Check out Mobile Print Power at: (




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