2nd Annual Fall Bash

fallbash-graphic (1)

This year’s FALL BASH will celebrate the new Artisan Business Club (ABC).  Formed by IDEAS 40203 in the summer of 2014 in response to the Germantown/Shelby Park Rail Corridor Plan — a major initiative funded through Louisville Metro Department of Economic Development by a grant from the U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program — the ABC is working with neighborhood associations, artists, businesses, community and  government leaders to bring a renewed sense of the possible to the East Broadway corridor.

Our vision is to bring new jobs to the East Broadway area by focusing on artisanal manufacturing as the driver of economy building.

The term ‘artisanal manufacturing’ can be used to describe the small-scale production of quality products by skilled workers. With this approach, it is impossible to produce goods without involving dedicated human hands in the process.  This approach balances human, environmental and economic interests and is a perfect fit with the apprentice-based workforce development approaches already happening in East Broadway’s connecting neighborhoods.

Once upon a time, we learned only by doing. A quality education meant finding an expert to take you under his or her wing. Whether you wanted to be a baker, artist or a furniture maker, the ultimate break was ultimately a relationship. In exchange, your capacity would be stretched. You would learn in real-time, soaking up the knowledge through trial and error. You would learn the trade in practice rather than theory. You would also build a network and gain respect based on your performance rather than any sort of degree.

This is the kind of business eco-system that we are trying to build on this historic stretch of East Broadway. A local business eco-system that can provide new pathways to job opportunity for residents of connecting neighborhoods such as Smoketown, Paristowne Point and Original Highlands.

By building healthy communities of skilled workers, artisanal manufacturers in turn build healthy communities of consumers who believe in the products that they make. Read more about the potential of artisanal manufacturing Forbes Magazine.

Come Celebrate East Broadway’s artisan potential with us on Saturday, October 18!
Opening at 6pm : Print Art Show
Dan Chaffin Furniture
7:30pm & 8pm: Circus Performers
814 E. Broadway (old LVL1 space)
– 2 circus performances, cider, snicker doodles  from Wiltshire Pantry
– tour thousands of square feet available for artist studios and artisan manufacturing businesses
8:30pm Jack-0-Lantern Parade
– Jack-o-lanterns line Broadway from 800 block to Paristowne Point
– Communal procession with fire dancers to Point between 8:30-9p
9pm Fall Bash Party @ Henry McGalliard (Kicks off at 7pm)

– Music by King Kong and OK DJ
– Art Installation by Steam Exchange and IXDA with Special Support from Kentucky School of Art
– cash bar
– hors d’oeuvres


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