Digital Fluency off to a great start

Steam Exchanges’ Digital Fluency program is off to a great start towards bridging creative studio practices with technological applications. We aim to empower young individuals with skills that will transfer to web and app-building industries. Our pilot class is built around a student imagined and implemented mobile app. The group has designed an app that will provide resources to current YouthBuild Louisville students. Steam Exchange instructor Daniel Waddell helms the course, devising a fluid curriculum around the end goals of the app.

After one month, we have learned the foundations of HTML and CSS. Daniel often used the metaphor of building a house to describe the different languages used in coding. HTML represents the studs, walls and basic infrastructure. CSS provides elements of design such as paint colors and room layouts. The last language we will use in the second half of the class, Javascript, makes the space functional; this would be comparable to the electrical, HVAC and gas lines.

The first classes centered around vocabulary and how to use the internet as a resource. A multitude of free services are available to beginner and seasoned coders alike to. By tapping into a number of these supportive sites, we we able to write code for resumes and publish them online within the first 4 classes. We then started to design the pages for the YBL app, which the students will be able to use for tracking their progress in the program, as an events calendar and as a forum for their thoughts and ideas. With the framework built for each page, CSS coding is underway to give the app some style and personality. We will soon move into Javascript, creating functionality and flow. And then, a new YBL app will be ready to use!

Special thank you’s to YouthBuild Louisville for providing classroom space, Daniel Waddell for all of his time and energy and IDEAS 40203 for their ongoing support. Thank you also to the YouthBuild students who take time out of their evenings to learn with us!


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