Bookmaking Workshops with the Steam Exchange

The Steam Exchange is working with two of Meyzeek Middle School’s after school programs, Kingdom Academy and CLASP, to teach students how to make their own books. These books are multifaceted projects that begins with an introduction to bookbinding and continues into painting covers, gluing , binding, and then inhabiting each book. The students will end up with their own book (12”x9”) that will serve as a home to drawings, collages, recipes, and writing assignments.

The students have spent several days creating personal, thoughtful paintings that will serve as the decorative aspect of each of their book covers. The students are encouraged to make paintings that reflect their lives, who they are, and where they come from. They are painting with paste paint (a mixture flour, water, and acrylic paint) which is a medium used in traditional book making. The students then began the book making process by creating a basic book structure using a cloth spine to attach two pieces of book board. They wrapped their paintings around these boards to create their covers. Next step… binding our books.

Check back in to see the progress of these books!

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