Mobile Museum Comes to Smoketown

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC) partnered with The Steam Exchange, as part of the Creative Innovation Zone Smoketown Art Series to bring KMAC’s mobile museum to Meyzeek Middle School on December 19. This was held for a group of students participating in CLASP, which is made possible through community grants and is run by Maryhurst, Inc.  With a diverse group of eager students, this specific project is dedicated to the children celebrating their individuality and expressing creativity. With help from mentors, the students cut out felt shapes that represent objects of great importance to them and then glued them on a backdrop, which was then put together to form a quilt.

To these kids, one common theme showed: they loved coming to CLASP. When asked what their favorite part of the program was, more than one young person exclaimed their favorite part was having fun. Others also said they loved the diversity of the culture and activeness. They love activities, and watching movies with different cultural backgrounds such as The Express, Dark Girls, and The Sandlot.

IDEAS is excited to partner with KMAC to bring the mobile museum to Smoketown as part of the Creative Innovation Zone projected created in partnership with YouthBuild Louisville and funded by ArtPlace America.


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