Bookmaking with the Steam Exchange: Part 2

The Steam Exchange is picking up speed again, after many of our classes were on hold for winter break. We recently worked with the Kingdom Academy and CLASP groups at Meyzeek Middle School to complete another phase of their handmade books. The students had already created personal paintings, assembled their covers using a cloth spine and book board, and used their paintings to make their covers more dynamic (see previous blog post).

The next step was to choose the pages for the inside of their books, and sew the pages into their covers. The students took this challenge and ran with it! Many of them said that this was their first time sewing. They learned how to thread a needle and follow a sewing pattern. Many of the students found this process difficult at first. However, the more they sewed, the more their skill and confidence increased. The pride they showed after completing this step in the book making process was profound. The students wanted to take their books home and show their families, but we have more work ahead of us. Inside covers, title pages, and writing assignments are still to come. Stay tuned!

A special thanks to photojournalist, Josh Mauser for capturing these moments!

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