Art of Prevention Walking Gallery Exhibit

The Art of Prevention, a diabetes awareness campaign organized by a group of arts, healthcare and business organizations with the goal of advancing civic innovation by integrating art as a tool in disease prevention and awareness launched the diabetes themed Walking Gallery at Zephyr Gallery, 610 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40202 on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

The artistic innovation of artist and patient advocate Regina Holliday, The Walking Gallery consists of “individuals who wear personal patient narrative paintings on their backs” to change minds and open hearts. “They are providing a patient voice, and by doing so, are changing the conversation.”

The keynote speaker for Thrivals 2014 as part of IdeaFestival, Holliday met with a group of local artists and individuals impacted by diabetes when in Louisville, instructing them on the creation of a series of jackets for The Walking Gallery.

Art of Prevention is being organized by IDEAS 40203, Thrivals, University of Louisville College of Business and Louisville Visual Arts Association.

Underwriting sponsors include Presenting Sponsor Anthem, along with University of Louisville School of Medicine, IDEAS 40203, Ted Smith, PhD.

The project is supported by Kentucky School of Art, Thrive365, XLerateHealth, ArtPlace America, and Louisville Metro Office of Civic Innovation.

Four Kentucky School of Art students, Jordan Lanham, Te’j Matthews, Jenn Toby, and Camala Walling along with local artists Josh Miller, were paired with 5 people with people impacted by diabetes, including pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes and Type I or II diabetes. The stories of the five participants were depicted on the back of business jackets by the artists, and will be worn by participants as a “walking wall” for the exhibit.

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