Students Complete Steam Exchange Book Project

After several months of hard work and creativity, the youth of Meyzeek’s Kingdom Academy and CLASP programs completed their first major project with the Steam Exchange. The students each made a 9” by 12” traditional longstitch book. Their covers were made from personal paintings and the construction and bindings were completed entirely by the students.

The students finished off the project by beginning to ‘inhabit’ their books. They collaged the inside covers, created a title page, and made pockets and envelopes to attach to their pages. Several of the students have included photographs and memorabilia from childhood while others have begun filling their books with drawings and writing.

Last week the Steam Exchange reflected on the book making process with the students, and asked them to look at their own and their classmates’ books to consider what they had learned. The students spoke of both technical skills gained such as sewing and painting as well as moments of self-realization such as gaining a better understanding of their personalities and ideals.

To see past posts about the book making process check out Bookmaking Part 1 and Bookmaking Part 2.

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