Sculpting with the Steam Exchange

Now that the students of Meyzeek Middle School’s Kingdom Academy and CLASP after-school programs have learned how to bind their own books, they are working with the Steam Exchange on a new art project. The Steam Exchange decided to challenge the students with a more three-dimensional project; using clay to sculpt alter ego super heroes that fight for a virtue that the student identifies with.

Students chose a virtue such as loyalty, dedication, and humility as a starting point for their designs. They created drawings of their super heroes that considered how their virtue could be represented, what sort of costume their super hero would wear, and whether their super hero would have any props. Using their drawings as a starting point, the students began sculpting their super hero figures out of wire, tin foil, and masking tape. Once the basic shape and pose was established students set to work covering their figure with Sculpi Clay. The students are now in the midst of using clay tools to define their figures muscles, clothes, and facial features.

Stay tuned for more on this project!

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