Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop for Women

Artist and motorcycle mechanic Sarah Lyon taught an 8 week Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop for Women in Smoketown – an empowering series of classes outlining basic motorcycle mechanics and maintenance. This hands-on experience covered everything from combustion engine design to operation and related vehicle systems.

Of the workshop, Lyon said, “Filling the role as artist as civic innovator was a new experience for me, but once the concept was explained I realized how much sense it made for my skill sets, interests, and abilities.  Teaching the Smoketown Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop for Women was so fulfilling and fun.  The students were engaged and eager to learn. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with YouthBuild and CIZ.”

She went on to say that, “I had positive feedback from my students throughout, and I believe that we inspired each other. It is a unique opportunity to have such one-on- one attention in learning about the combustion engine and how to use tools with other women.”

Participants who successfully completed the 8 week course, like Cheyenne Orobia, were awarded a tool box loaded with the tools they would need to enter the workforce ready to utilize their new skills.

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