Mobile Market Papermaking

The Mobile Market, brought to us in part by the Kentucky State Nutrition Kitchen and YouthBuild Louisville, pops up in front of St. Peter Claver on Lampton Street every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 pm. At the Mobile Market, there is a variety of local, organic produce for sale at an incredible price. The Steam Exchange also has arts and crafts activities for people of all ages that are offered for anyone interested!

During the first two weeks of the mobile market, we made paper from recycled materials. Using an immersion blender, we blended up old newspapers back into a pulpy state. The kids that came to check out the mobile market crafts loved to feel the fluffy, slimy texture of the paper pulp. Using moulds and deckles, everyone was encouraged to make their own sheet (or often many sheets) of paper. They then decorated their newly made paper with watercolor paints of a variety of colors and even some gold glitter!

Papermaking is messy, fun, captivating, and provides insight into the mystery of how paper is made. It is also an ideal way to recycle any paper that you no longer want, giving it a new life. Look out for the Steam Exchange at the mobile market every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 in front of St. Peter Claver on Lampton Street.





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